Rock-N-Ride Quotes


July 11: ELMIRA, NY - TC Commons Youth Clubhouse:

INSPIRATIONAL – “Rock-N-Ride Event was an awesome positive experience for all youth members and staff of the TC Commons Clubhouse in Elmira, NY. Rock-N-Ride’s Road Recovery and YVM (Youth Voices Matter) staff allowed the youth to feel SAFE – in a non-judgmental environmental, where they were themselves; to feel FREE – in having lots of fun in the sun; to feel OPEN – in sharing inspiring and heartfelt personal stories of pain, bullying, grief & loss; as well as, perseverance, resiliency, and strength; while living Above The Influence.” - Kernalia Andrews, BSW, MSM, Clubhouse Supervisor, Elmira, NY

July 13: CANANDAIGUA, NY - The Partnership for Ontario County at Canandaigua CrossFit:

“The Road Recovery Rock-N-Ride event at my CrossFit gym meant a lot to me. I think more often than not, most people in any community aren't exposed to the good others try to do for the world. At the end of the day I'm a coach, and sometimes I don'“The Road Recovery Rock-N-Ride event at my Crossfit gym meant a lot to me. I think more often than not, most people in any community aren't exposed to the good others try to do for the world. At the end of the day I'm a coach, and sometimes I don't realize how powerful exercise can be. I get to see that with organizations like Road Recovery that are trying to help make "in recovery from anything” voices heard like YVM (Youth Voices Matter) and our local Youth Clubhouse. Together they are changing lives and by extension changing the community and world we live in.” - Stefan Glover, Owner - Canandaigua CrossFit, Canandaigua, NY how powerful exercise can be. I get to see that with organizations like Road Recovery that are trying to help make "in recovery from anything” voices heard like YVM (Youth Voices Matter) and our local Youth Clubhouse. Together they are changing lives and by extension changing the community and world we live in.” - Stefan Glover, Owner - Canandaigua CrossFit, Canandaigua, NY

“Road Recovery’s Rock-N-Ride event was a wonderful opportunity for our EPIC Zone youth who have faced their struggles the environment to share their stories and solutions of hope with the Youth Voices Matter-NY team. And, move a muscle together with the Crossfit trainers. Thanks to our amazing young people, a powerful day of sharing and caring was experienced by all of us!” – Kelli Gage, Program Director, EPIC Zone: A Youth Clubhouse, Canandaigua, NY

“Road Recovery’s Rock-N-Ride Youth Voices Matter-NY (YVM-NY) event at CrossFit was a very powerful for experience for all of us from Epic Zone clubhouse, our staff, our youth members, including our cross fit trainer, Stefan. Stefan and I talked afterwards about the emotional impact of hearing the youth share and how much it charged our battery and got us excited to connect more with our community, especially our youth, and do more. Everyone left feeling inspired and empowered. It was an incredible afternoon! Thank you Road Recovery and YVM-NY for the opportunity to be involved!!”– Renae Campbell, Director – Epic Zone Clubhouse, Canandaigua, NY

July 15: OSWEGO, NY - Oswego County Opportunities at The Spot Youth Clubhouse:

“Rock-N-Ride at The SPOT (Sober Peers on Top) was a huge success with so many new faces and lots of familiar friends who showed up!. Road Recovery and the Youth Voices Matter team (YVM) gave our kids the floor to share their stories and experiences with the undivided attention of people who care; they felt accepted & supported and recognized that they are making a difference. All in attendance were profoundly impacted by how honest, open and brave our Oswego County youth are. Youth sharing their stories with other youth and supportive adults really highlights the youth-adult partnership we have at The Spot and Road Recovery’s Rock-N-Ride event made that crystal clear!” – Ellen Lazarek, Director, The Spot clubhouse, Oswego, NY

July 18: MASSENA, NY - Seaway Valley Prevention Council at Horizons Clubhouse:

“Our youth enjoyed listening to Road Recovery founder Gene Bowen’s life story and are very excited to follow his Rock-N-Ride cycling journey to the other OASAS youth clubhouses around New York State! Several youth mentioned they wanted to speak up to talk about personal stories but felt shy/nervous in front of everyone. Hearing from the Youth Voices Matter leaders Carlee and DJ together with Gene’s stories really inspired everyone and confirmed the fact that we are all in this together and have each other to lean on. Perhaps next time, we can have it outside and play a game!” - Courtney Patterson, Horizons Clubhouse Program Manager, Massena, New York

July 31: OTSEGO, NY - Friends of Recovery, Delaware & Otsego at Oneonta Teen Center:

“Road Recovery’s Rock-N-Ride with Youth Voices Matter movement (YVM-NY) brought with them an energy and an excitement surrounding that really helped the young people get into it. I was most impressed with how the youth responded to the group discussion time by opening up about issues and struggles in ways that were constructive and encouraging.” - Kaler Carpenter, Oneonta Teen Center, Youth Services Coordinator, Friends of Recovery of Delaware and Otsego Counties, NY (FOR-DO)

August 2: AMSTERDAM, NY - Creative Connections Youth Clubhouse:

"YVM and Road Recovery’s Rock N Ride event was a great success at the Creative Connections Clubhouse. The youth and staff were so inspired by Road Recovery’s Gene Bowen’s dedication to delivering the message about addiction and life long road to recovery. Gene’s metaphorical road to recovery described the obstacles and challenges, not only in his life, but of everyone’s struggle. His bike ride is testimony to his life every time he pedals forward.” - John Sumpter, Associate Director of Creative Connections Clubhouse, Amsterdam, NY

“Rock-N-Ride was a tremendous event here at the Creative Connections Clubhouse. Road Recovery’s Gene Bowen and the YVM team shared their amazing stories that were inspiring to all. Our members and staff were able to experience a display of passion and enthusiasm. We greatly appreciate Road Recovery and YVM for their efforts of bringing awareness to such an important topic in today’s society.” - TJ Czeski, Director of Creative Connections Clubhouse, Amsterdam, NY

August 15: BUFFALO EVENT - Restoration Society:

“Hello My name is Marsha West, I am the Program Manager for Clubhouse Buffalo in Buffalo NY. We hosted a Road Recovery Youth Voices Matter-NY (YVM) Rock N Ride event on Wednesday August 15th. I was nervous about the event not knowing what to expect, or how our youth would respond. I have to say it turned out beautifully! Our youth continued to discuss Road Recovery and the Youth Voices Matter-NY movement. Hearing Road Recovery founder, Gene Bowen’s story the 1000 miles he is riding his bike to meet and speak with clubhouse youth meant a lot to all of us! Our young people felt inspired to do something "big". I want to thank both Road Recovery and YVM team for the meaningful conversations that were brought out of our youth. They felt comfortable and not judged for who or where they are. That speaks volumes. You guys are so amazing with hearts of gold. It felt like a family reconnecting for a reunion lol. Thank you Road Recovery and YVM for allowing us to share in this experience with you. Stay safe and ROCK-N-Ride ON!!” - Marsha West, Program Manager of Clubhouse Buffalo, Restoration Society Inc

August 19: ALBANY, NY - 2018 New York State Recovery Conference at Albany Marriot: (no quote from this event)

September 7: NEW YORK, NY - LGBT Youth Clubhouse:

“Road Recovery’s YVM Rock-N-Ride event at The LGBT Center Youth Clubhouse created an experience for youth to come together in community to share their voices, through arts, performances, and stories of recovery and resilience in a space that was safe, supportive, and celebratory... oh, and full of desserts! The youth appreciated the opportunity to be their authentic selves while connecting with friends new and old.” - Peter Karys, LCSW, CPP, Director of Youth Counseling & Support, Liam S. Cudmore, LMSW, Youth Clubhouse Coordinator

September 14: YONKERS, NY - YMCA of Yonkers Clubhouse:

“Road Recovery’s Rock-N-Ride event with YVM at the Yonkers Clubhouse was a power time for so many people from diverse backgrounds and experiences to come together and celebrate the journey of life.” - Donald A. Somerville, Director of Program Services, Yonkers Family YMCA

“Thank you Gene, Lisa, DJ and Carlee for coming to the Yonkers YMCA CH on Friday, September 14th and representing the Road Recovery, Youth Voices Matters organizations through the Rock-N-Ride Event. There was enthusiastic responses from the CH staff and CH members as well as the outside community partners and their participants who attended the event. The function was a way to support our community's youth and young adults who are committed to recovery, abstinence and self-empowerment. It was empowering to hear Gene, DJ and Carlee share their personal stories, which showed our youth that they are not alone as they seek to complete their life goals. More so, it was truly powerful to hear the youth share their personal stories about what it means to them to be clean, sober and do that through the creative platforms of song, rap, open mic and poetry. The experience was truly transformational to many as was shared later on after the event.” - Vincent Taliaferro, Program Director, Yonkers Clubhouse (YRC), Yonkers Family YMCA

“I felt that the Rock and Ride event was an eye opening experience.” -Peter Bail, 18

“I felt the some of the stories Gene shared about his history of addiction was sad.” -Aishea Jones, 14

“Rock and Ride was a nice experience.” -Jatea Carter, 16

“Rock and Ride’s Open Mic event was something new for me to see, I have never been to an open mic before. I enjoyed listening to people sharing their life experiences in a creative way.” -A’deyeme Bullock, 13

“Rock and Ride was a great experience, I heard stories that were true and touching, at some points it made me sad.” -Jesus Navarro, 15

“As a Clubhouse staff member I felt that the Rock and Ride event was awesome! Gene really has a way of sharing his story to the point that our Clubhouse youth to became vulnerable enough to share theirs. During the open mic portion our youth shared feelings, thoughts, challenges, and experiences as well it was to watch them share without fear of judgment. The event was freeing.” - Niema Knight, Recovery and Prevention Counselor, Yonkers, NY Clubhouse

‘The clubhouse isnt just a place

It’s a place I can call home

It’s a big dome

It protects me from danger

I made so many friends

And I know our bonds will never end

Because in reality I do

I care a lot

I wont lie, it many look like I don’t care

But know I actually do

It’s my home and I hope it becomes yours

Too’ -Yonkers, NY YMC Clubhouse youth participant

September 16: CATSKILL, NY - Mental Health Association of Columbia/Greene Counties:

“Sharing an intimate Rock n Ride on a Sunday afternoon with Road Recovery, Youth Voices Matter (YVM), Clubhouse Youth, and Staff was a genuine, real, down to earth experience that was full of discovery, hope, and good people. Time spent with the Road Recovery and YVM crew always leaves lasting impressions and we look forward to our continued, shared journey ahead. Thank you Road Recovery for your work (and bicycle journey) around the State! Action at its best!” - Kai Hillmann, CASAC, Director, Youth Clubhouses Greene County – Catskill, NY & Columbia County – Hudson, NY

September 21: FREEPORT, NY - Club H.E.L.P. - Long Island Clubhouse:

“On behalf of all the Club Help Staff and myself, I want to thank Road Recovery’s Gene Bowen very much for coming out on his bicycle and speaking at the event together with Youth Voices Matter! The Rock-N-Ride event was such an impactful time for us to reflect upon the true meaning of what the Clubhouse represents and what it's meant to be, for our youth. The staff were very much impressed by your words to our youth and want to thank you for this heartfelt discussion! You have all left an amazing impact in our hearts and minds, in letting the youth know how special and important each of their voices are and how there are always better options than drugs and alcohol. Thank you Road Recovery and Youth Voices Matter!” - Stephanie Silva, BA, Project Director, H.E.L.P. Services, Inc.