“Nama-Stay in the Moment


“Nama-Stay in the Moment”

Hey friends – and yogis, Carlee here.

WOW WOW WOW is all I can say and here’s why.

On Saturday June 9, I attended the New York State Yoga Festival. Now, I’m not familiar with yoga so when my boyfriend’s sister, Danielle, asked me to join her, I hesitated. She explained to me the benefits of yoga and how amazing it feels after, PLUS she had a free admission because her mom couldn’t go. So I decided to give it a try.

On Friday June 8th my boyfriend, Danielle, her husband, and I made it to Letchworth State Park for a weekend of camping – which I LOVE. The whole day I was worried about the yoga festival. “What if I can’t perform a specific move?” “What if my form isn’t good?” “Are people going to be watching me?” I felt very uncomfortable and tried to find ways to get out of going.

Fast forward… Saturday June 9th 8:30 am. We are on our way to the festival. Nerves are setting in. We make it to the registration table and I become a little more comfortable. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly. We made our way to the main stage and a little while later, we began our first class of the day with 1300 other attendees.


Struggling to talk through my tears, I said to Danielle “Why have I never done this before?” The release I felt after that first class was unlike any other. I can remember the instructor saying “Be happy for this moment for this moment is your life” and for some reason that really resonated with me. I began to slow down and really savor the moment I was in. It is a piece of my life and I want to enjoy it. The instructor also had us reflect on our bodies and their ability to bend, twist and move. This was very new to me because I always disliked my body. I finally found appreciation for it when I realized all the incredible things it can do.

It was at this point that I knew the rest of the day was going to be amazing. We participated in two more classes after that. One of them was called Hip Hop Yoga. I WAS SO READY FOR IT! The instructor started bumpin’ 90s and early 00’s beats and the entire crowd went crazy. I had a lot of fun during that session, especially when we had a dance party midway through.

Overall, my first real experience with yoga was so freakin cool. Since the festival I bought my own yoga mat and have been using it regularly.

For those interested, I HIGHLY recommend trying yoga if you feel the need to let go of some emotions or negativity. The instructor will continuously say positive and reaffirming things that have you feeling so much better. Just remember not to worry about who is watching or if you’re going to get the position perfect. Take it from me – I was shaking my butt and dancing like a fool when the hip hop session broke out. If I can feel comfortable doing that, then you can too.

And if you try yoga and it just isn’t working out for you, that’s okay too! You have to be comfortable with whatever helps you recover and stay positive in the crazy life. No matter what activities you participate in, remember to be happy for this moment, for this moment is your life