What is the “VOICE” in Youth Voices Matter

Hey everyone! Carlee here from Youth Voices Matter-NY. I wanted to talk a little bit about what the “voice” means in Youth Voices Matter.

We’ve all felt “voiceless” at one point or another. We’ve all been in situations where we felt like there was nothing we could do to help ourselves. This is especially true for youth and young adults struggling with life’s challenges. For me, being voiceless was most apparent during my struggle with substance use. I was unable to use my voice to create positive changes in my life. The disease of addiction silenced me. I was unable to advocate for what I needed or talk about the real issues plaguing my life.

Now that I’m three years and ten months clean, I have found my voice. Most importantly, I use it. I speak up about what recovery really is and how great my life has become. Don’t get me wrong, I have my bad days. But, by having the ability to use my voice and find confidence in myself, I can make it through life’s challenges. One of the biggest examples of how I use my voice is by trying to get rid of the stigma around substance use disorder. Having this disease is nothing to be ashamed about. There is help out there and recovery is possible. In addition to that, I advocate on behalf of youth and young adults across the state. I have dedicated my work and life to empower others to find and use their voices too.

So what does your voice sound like? Or rather, what is it saying? Are you in a state of voiceless-ness? Do you need help finding your voice? Youth Voices Matter-NY is dedicated to amplifying the voices of individuals across New York State. We can help you find your voice and make real changes in your community. Whether it’s hosting a fun pop-up event or having a discussion about some of the unmet needs in your area, YVM-NY wants to hear from you!

Use your voice. Speak up and speak out! 

This is Carlee   #ReadMeRoar    #PumpUpYourVoices