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About Us

Established in 2017 as an ancillary of Friends of Recovery-New York, Youth Voices Matter-NY is a Youth Recovery Community Organization (YRCO) made up of a collective of diverse youth and young adults in recovery, as well as members and allies from across the state. YVM-NY encourages multiple pathways to recovery and provides support to youth and young adults in finding and developing their personalized recovery process.  YVM-NY is sensible of the needs as well as the barriers to recovery that young people face on a daily-basis.

Four Core Values

1. Each community should decide on which areas of concern to address.

2. The power of reinvention has the capacity to restore the lives of individuals, families and communities. 

3. We are capable and should be allowed to represent ourselves as young people in all endeavors.

4. Resources, services, and supports
are crucial in promoting health and wellness in the process of achieving our full potential.